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Getting to know the Leibniz Private School

Lessons in English, daily Physical Education lesson and full-time child care – also on holidays: that is Leibniz Private School in Bad Bramstedt, with locations in Hitzhusen (grammar school and middle school) and in Weddelbrook (primary school and kindergarten with pre-school education). Girls and boys can attend Leibniz Private School from nursery school until A-levels.

Nursery school: playing and learning in German and English

A little bit like the older ones: the pre-school children at Leibniz Private School become a mortar board made of paperboard at the end of their time in kindergarten with preschool education before transition to primary school. Children between three and six years pick out a lot in a kindergarten group “Learning and playing”. The highlight is that one educator in each group plays and speaks with children in English every day.

Primary school: Lesson in English (immersion)

Learning to read and write with Bo- and Myrtel-program from Hamburg, moreover two thirds of lesson in English and daily Physical Education. Children acquire second language en passant in primary school. Professor Wode from Kiel, born in Elmshorn, as a scientific tutor is pleased with impressing results in Mathematics, in the lesson of Local and World Geography, History and General Knowledge (taught in English) and in German lesson (taught in German).


Middle school (Regional-/Common school): natural science and technology

Children heading for their secondary school certificate from Years 5 to 10 attend regional school branch (common school). Physics and Scientific Basic Lessons are offered to students beginning with Year 5. Spanish is the second foreign language from Year 6; one or two Subjects are taught bilingual (in German and English). Economics is taught from Year 5. Five lessons of Physical Education are mandatory.

Grammar school: Spanish as a second foreign language

Starting from Year 5, after 8 years pupils should take an A-level exam (G8). Spanish is the second foreign language; Latin is on the timetable from Year 7 to 9. Upon successful course completion, students are awarded Latin Certificate. Daily Physical Education lesson belongs to everyday life at Grammar school, too. After Year 9, pupils continue with the three-year upper school (the Sixth Form). The first Year is introductory period, the second and third Year are the training period. Finally, pupils take their A-level exams (“Abitur”).

Upper school: German and International Abitur

Good middle school graduates can take their A-level exams at Leibniz Private School, completing their eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth Year successfully. The possibilities are explained to pupils and their parents in personal admission interview. After three years, students can achieve their higher education entrance qualification at Leibniz Private School. Currently, our school has the IB-candidate status.

Roth-Project: cooperation with Germany’s most renowned neuroscientist

Since 2013, Leibniz Private School puts Roth-Project-Day into practice, in cooperation with Germany’s most renowned neuroscientist, Prof. Gerhard Roth from Bremen. Particular attention is paid to interdisciplinary lessons.

International school: from primary to upper school

Almost forty nations are represented by pupils at our school; fifteen nations are represented by hundred teachers in our teaching staff. Each year, each school year group goes on a school trip, also abroad: the pupils in Year 4 (at the end of primary school) visit England for a week and live with host families. The Year 9 pupils visit Krakow and Auschwitz, pupils in Year 10 travel to Prague, in Year 11 to Rome (as of 2016). Since 2005/06, Leibniz Private School works very closely with two schools in Dunedin, New Zealand; our school groups spend almost four weeks there each year. Assistant teachers from New Zealand are our guests.


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