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The Leibniz concept

We care about our students – and support them full-time

  1. Talent education

    The development of individual skills and remedial classes to develop special talents.

    Your child is the focus of our attention. We appreciate and honor the performance of your child. Our teaching practice enables every child to work, learn, and advance according to her and his needs.

  2. English Immersion

    Earliest possible language acquisition through bilingual training.

    Already in Day Care, children learn to acquire English playfully by simply immersing themselves in the world of another language. This improves language competence to acquire another language at a later stage.

    In Secondary School, we put a lot of importance on language and starting in grade 6, we offer bilingual classes. Our “own” elementary school kids that have taken English since Day Care are taught in English in up three classes starting in grade 5.

  3. Daily physical activity

    Daily sport as a balance and support for cognitive work

    At Leibnitz Schule, we have physical education every day. It is proven that regular physical activity helps to learn and improve the cognitive development of students. In addition to our sport lessons, we offer sport activities in our club program each afternoon.

  4. Econ

    Projects and internships to better understand economic and social processes.

    Economics is an integral part of our education. Internships and projects with local businesses help to sharpen the economic understanding.

  5. Sciences

    Intensive and illustrative science education

    We have made teaching sciences a stronger part of our education.

  6. Media Competence

    Media competence and new technologies

    The children learn the capacity to utilize media and new technology and critically examine their position and use in society.

  7. Values

    Meritocracy and teaching of values

    Children and youth are taught to take on responsibility for themselves as well as others around them. Students are assigned duties and our Kodex outlines our understanding of a interacting with one another.

    Meritocracy is good, something to achive.

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