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Leibniz Privatschule will be part of a KA2-Project for the first time during the period of 2017 till 2019. The topic of the whole project will be “Food for brain makes brain for food. On the whole there will take part five different schools of four European countries: Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Our project comprises the themes healthy diet and lifestyle, sustainability, career education, entrepreneurship and Fairtrade.

Students will learn about health problems resulting from false nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, especially chronic social diseases such as diabetes, obesity and anorexia. They will discuss the connection between eating disorders and role models, and research the importance of physical exercise in combination with healthy food for the personal well-being, powers of concentration and academic performance. Consideration will be given to the concepts of Brain food,  Slow food, vegetarian and vegan food, the Celtic Paleo Diet and the ancient Roman lifestyle devoted to beauty, body care and physical training. Students will compare and evaluate their schools‘ and their individual approaches to healthy food and sports. A final cooking workshop combining traditional, healthy and sustainable cuisine will give students an opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge, understanding and skills.

Furthermore, students will research the issue of sustainability with regard to the purchase, production and consumption of food. They will examine the consequences of careless consumerism and look for suitable approaches to reduce the amount of waste. Also, they will discuss advantages and disadvantages of discounter food, compared to organic, regional and Fairtrade products. They will compare and evaluate their schools‘ commitment to environmental issues such as waste, recycling and sustainability and reflect on their own environmental attitudes.

In addition to that, students will compare how career education is conducted in the different countries to share good practice, and visit a career market at one of the partner schools to enquire about possible career options available in the areas of health, nutrition and sports, as well as other fields of interest.

The project is also designed to encourage entrepreneurship among students by giving them responsibility for a wide range of tasks e.g. catering, working on blogs, students bulletins or videos.

Right now, our application will be controlled and evaluated from the national Erasmus agency in Germany. We have to wait until the end of July until we will know, if we get the stipendium and if we are allowed to execute our project. More information will follow afterwards.

Past applied projects

2014: KA1-Programme: learning mobility of individuals

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