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International focus

Students attending Leibniz Privatschule comprise of a variety of nations. While most students have a german background a growing number of students have a non-german background totaling 25 different nationalities. Some grew up in different countries and continue their school carreers at Leibniz Privatschule, some grow up in bilingual families.

Our teachers reflect this internationality, some have worked and lived abroad before they became teachers at Leibniz Privatschule. A substantial part of our teachers have non-german mothertonges.

Leibniz Privatschule in cooperation with Lichtwarkschule Hamburg supports a regional refugee project. Leibniz students are directly involved in this when collecting goods in need or raising funds at school fairs to finance an art workshop for traumatised kids and their parents. Past school activities contributed to a variety of projects for people in need such as a vietnamese orphanage where Leibniz students raised more than 20.000€. A Unicef campaign was supported with 10.000€. The project „Taten statt Worte“ initialised by Mr. Sanchez in our neighboring community Barmsted helps refugees. This project was supported by Leibniz students that raised 5000@ in total.

We further offer spaces in kindergarten and school for refugee children to get settled and integrated as fast as possible. Leibniz staff also assists refugees when contacting public authorities.

Travelling different countries and getting in contact with people from different cultures is a key requirement to foster open mindedness and tolerance. We therefore conduct annual class trips in every school level to a variety of destinations such as different regions in Germany, England, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy.

Leibniz School has a long lasting partnership with sister schools King’s High and Queen’s High at Dunedin, New Zealand. Every spring we offer the possibility to our level  9 and 10 students to experience this country. The  four week trip gets students in contact with their peers at King’s or Queen’s High. They get to know a different school system when taking lessons for a week. The journey continues while exploring the country‘s natural and cultural characteristics. This trip often inspires students to stay for a semester or more at our sister schools – an extraordinary experience.



Students and teachers of Leibniz Privatschule visiting our sister schools at Dunedin, New Zealand.

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