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Elementary School

9 Reasons why your child should attend the first class of the Leibniz Private School


There are a number of good reasons for why your child should attend the elementary school at Leibniz Private School. We have listed and explained them.



Good achievements, successful degrees, and the promotion of social competences are given a prominent place at Leibniz Private School.

  1. Teaching structure

In all grades and in each class, the same instructional structure is used, regardless of the teacher: the teaching unit, usually 90 minutes, begins with an instruction phase, in which the children gather in front of the board. In the construction phase, the subject is worked out individually or in pairs while the teacher, after opening the message list, goes to the student and discusses the question.


  1. Lessons in English

Teaching in English is the best thing that can happen to your child. Those who have learned English in the classical way, are astonished when they see first-graders follow math classes in English. In fact, their test scores in English are higher than the national and federal average, as Professor Wode stresses.


  1. Parent-teacher talks

If there are problems of any kind, the teachers are there for you. They spend the entire working day at their own office in school and are reachable via telephone or email. Parent requests by e-mail should be answered within 24 hours; one-on-one interview requests should be realized within one week.


  1. Daily sports hours

Experts agree that daily physical activity is crucial for children: it keeps them agile, prevents health problems, and, as Prof. Renate Zimmer from the University of Osnabrück explained, supports the cognitive capacities of children as well. The Leibniz Private School is the only school in Germany offering daily physical education for children in the primary or secondary school.


  1. We take care of

Special assistance in the first years is vital to detect and correct development delays. In the first year of school, our teachers pay specifically attention to writing techique and numerical comprehension, to intervene, if necessary, in a timely manner. But it is important to remember that our teachers are educators, not therapists, and can only advise on what to do when necessary.


  1. Achievements

Our results are often impressive. In all three classes of all primary schools, the VERA comparison-tests in German and Maths are also mandatory for us. Since the beginning of the school, the primary school classes have participated and show noutstanding success in both German and Mathematics. Their English skills are self-evident given the immersion schooling in English.


  1. Reliable from 7.30 am to 5 pm

 Our primary school provides all-day activities: five hours of lessons, lunch, training sessions (homework support), and clubs in sports, music, handcrafts and other activities. Under reliable primary school, we understand reliable support from 7.30 am to 5 pm. In addition, we have program during holidays except for the Christmas break.


  1. No class cancelations

And there is another special phenomenon in our elementary school: we do not cancel classes. There will always be a substitution if the teacher gets ill. Therefore, no child has to leave early from school.


  1. It is your decision

 You have the right to decide: you decide which primary school your child is visiting –  whether a denominational, a public or a private one.

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