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Gemeinschaftsschule (Middle School)

The Gemeinschaftsschule at the Leibniz Private School is a state certified school.


Over the next few weeks, the final examinations for the middle school diploma will be held. In Elmshorn it is already the fourth year, in Hitzhusen it is the first. On the basis of the good results of the last years, the Ministry of Education has already approved state ertification for both locations.

Gerhard Tolkmit

Gerhard Tolkmit (59) is the managing director of the Leibniz Private School and is responsible for organizing the examinations for the Regionalschul diploma and the preparation of the vocational training.



This means for the students: they complete the examinations under the same conditions as public school: Pre-grade are taken into account for the final grade, three written examinations are to be taken and, if necessary, the results can be improved with an oral examination.


Good performances, successful degrees

The successful degrees are not least due to our highly structured teaching concept, which we practice throughout all classes. A solid, recurring structure enables the pupils to adapt optimally to the teaching material. In the construction phase, we can issue differentiated work assignments depending on the skill level, which guarantees that all students are incorporated into the teaching assignments. This helps us create a learning conducive environment.

In the afternoon, starting with grade 5, we offer training sessions, which lead to a regular repetition and practice of the learned material. From class 9 or 10, these training tasks are used to prepare for the final examination. During the holidays we also offer – on a voluntary basis – training and preparation sessions for exams.


Promoting social skills

Another focus is the promotion of social skills. The students take responsibility for their classes and their school. Everyone has the duty of fulfilling a public chore every day such keeping the class room in order or the organization of lunch. With the “Code for Learning and Living in the Leibniz Private School”, short Kodex, we have laid binding rules and the consequences for violations of the Kodex.

In the coming school year, we will also strengthen the social skills by participating in social projects in school proximity. In addition, we will include etiquette training in the class room.


Professional orientation & professional preparation

We place great emphasis on vocational training. Classes 8 and 9 are followed by internships. A professional consultant of the Employment Agency is regularly at school. The “Leibniz-Berufsinformationstage (LeiBit)”, in which practitioners introduce different professions to students, provide a first view into different vocations. At the end of grade 8, we hold afternoon workshops for job applications.


We begin to teach economics classes in grade 5. This way, children are introduced early into functioning of companies and get first information on the various occupational fields. First visits to local businesses are panned in grade 5 and grade 7. In our tech-classes, skills are taught, which are required in craft trades, which are then put to test in practice sessions, which we have recently introduced.


Regionalschul Diploma, and what now?

In collaboration with the Agency for Employment, we support students in their quest apprenticeship. Whether it is training in a company or a technical school, in many cases the graduates are striving to learn a profession.

However, there is also the possibility to visit the High School and receive the Abitur. After the Regionalschule Diploma, a lot of the graduates enter the entrance phase for the Abitur (Grade 10).


Switching schools is possible

We continuously receive questions if students can enter our school from another school in grade 7, 8 and 9. If there are vacancies in our classes, such a switch is possible at any time. With a corresponding demand, we are also able to create additional classes, as happened last. Simply register your daughter or son and we invite you to an talk to clarify which approach is sensible and most beneficial.

* Gerhard Tolkmit (59) is the managing director of the Leibniz Private School and is responsible for organizing the examinations of the Geminschaftsschul-Diploma and the preparation for vocational training.

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